At Python Infinity, we specialized in captive breeding of ball python morphs. “Conservation through captive propagation” is our goal. We pride ourselves in providing customers with the highest quality ball python morphs available in the market today along with superior customer service.

Located within the international city with our own professional breeding facility, we are able to ship animals to our customers worldwide.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy keeping ball pythons as much as we do.

Python Infinity 致力推廣球蟒飼養及繁殖知識, 我們的理念是透過人工繁殖從而進行自然保育。

球蟒熱潮風摩歐美、日本等地,曾被福布斯財經雜誌喻為 “最名貴的寵物”, 更被視為有價值的投資工具。人工繁殖的變種球蟒, 顏色鮮艷, 花紋獨特, 極具收藏價值。球蟒的體型細小、非毒性、性格温純及飼養簡單。

對球蟒有興趣的朋友請瀏覽本網頁或發電郵到, 我們將於24小時內回覆。


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