Super Stripe !!
09 October 2011
We hatched some very cool snakes ! Super Stripe !! Many cool combo can be made with this morph ! Males/females are $35000 !
Frozen Rat / Mice
12 July 2011
Supreme quality frozen rat and mice Rat 25g @ $10 each, 40g@ $15 each, 60g @ $18 each, 150-200g @ $25 each, 200-250 g @ $35 each, Mice Jumbo Mice 40 g @ $12 each
Pastel Spotnose
12 July 2011
He is our pastel spotnose that we got from VPI. I am hoping to make some Pastel sugar spotnose from him.
New moprhs
01 March 2011
We are adding in some new morphs into our collection !
We are expanding !
31 December 2010
Sorry for not updating our news for a long time. We have been busy setting up our new collection of ball pythons. Our new breeding room is finally finished and our new racks has arrived!!! They are great !
MIce Infinity !!!
16 September 2010
We can now supply high quality frozen rodents for all your reptiles. Rats 60-70 g $18 each (8 per pack) 100-120g $25 (6 per pack) 180-250g $35 (5 per pack) Mice Adult 30-40 g $9 each ( 40 per pack) Minimum order 1 pack
Big Eggs !!!
16 May 2010
Another good albino female has laid a good clutch of eggs for us !! 6 big eggs !!!!! Average 120 g each !!!
Custom-made rack
25 April 2010
We can custom made racking with professional heating system to suit your reptiles need, email us for further information.
2010 New eggs!!
15 April 2010
This is our first female that laid eggs this year ! Got 6 good eggs in the clutch. One egg is dead and the female kick it out.... She is a bumble bee het VPI axanthic, we crossed her with an VPI axanthic male. We are expecting some Axanthic bumble bee this year!!! Can`t wait to see the babies !!!!!!!
Easter Holiday Python Show
02 April 2010
We will be joining the Pet Expo 2010 in Kowloon Hitec during the Easter holiday, over 30 ball python moprhs will be displayed. Please come to visit us !! Booth No. F09 For more information on the show, please visit



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